Heart iQ Network

Community, Education & Training for Increasing Your Heart iQ.

What is the Heart iQ Network?

1) The Heart iQ Blog & News

This is where regular educational and inspirational content is posted, as well as news and updates about Heart iQ and the work.

2) The Heart iQ Community

This is a space to gather online, connect and make friends with other like minded individuals who appreciate the work of Heart iQ and love to experience life from an authentic, heart connected place.

3) The Heart iQ Academy

Inside the Heart iQ Academy, we offer a range of free and premium programs in the areas of Self Empowerment, Conscious Communication & Group Field Facilitation, perfect for your own personal practice, intimate relationships and for upgrading your professional skills as a facilitator or practitioner. 

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What is Heart iQ?

As a practice, Heart iQ is a way to deepen your connection with yourself, your intimate relationships and the world around you, by doing your inner work with others in community. 

When we practice Heart iQ together, an amplified field is created providing an environment that is filled with profound insight, nourishing intimacy and deep healing.   

Heart iQ exists to help usher in a new frequency that will lay the foundation for a sustainable future. That's why we believe the greatest gift you can give to the world, is to become a fully healthy and awakened you.

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How Does it Work?

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